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Accounts owned by a parent or dependent student will be considered a parental asset on the FAFSA, which means they are assessed at up to 5.64%, versus other student-owned accounts, such as custodial accounts, which are assessed at 20%. That means if one student has $10,000 saved in a prepaid 529 plan it can potentially reduce his aid package by as much as $564. But if he instead saved $10,000 in an UGMA/UTMA account his aid package could be reduced by $2,000. When deciding on a college savings plan, you generally don’t have to choose between a prepaid plan or savings plan.

But before you start putting money away for your baby's education, you should understand exactly how much it will cost, how you plan to pay for it, and how to save as efficiently as possible. Over the years, tax refunds, work bonuses and gifts went into his account. We also asked family and friends to contribute as holiday and birthday gifts.

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There are legitimate distance learning institutions with limited facilities, however, but legitimate universities make their authority clear. For academics, publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals are important for establishing scientific credentials. However, in diploma mills, the research is either absent, fake or purely self-published without any external review.

Although there are deadlines for submitting assignments, students working at their own pace have some independence as to when they do their coursework . During the first half of the 20th century, the use of educational technology in the United States was heavily influenced by two developing schools of educational philosophy. Behaviourism, led by the American psychologist John B. Watson and later by B.F.


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13% came from private sources.